We have more than 20 years of experience in our industry. Over that time, we've learned everything from the basics to more advanced roofing techniques.

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Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, so you have to take care of it.
Is your roof in need of repair? At Brendan Withers Roofing, we specialise in all kinds of roof repairs and maintenance services.
No matter if you’ve got a leaking roof, your roof needs re-painting, or if there’s a presence of asbestos, we’ll come and repair/maintain your roof for you.


A leaking roof can lead to significant damage if not checked immediately. At Brendan Withers Roofing, we’ll come and see where the leak is coming from, repair it, and give you advice on how to prevent it from happening in the future.


Do you want to allow more light into your home? For your peace of mind, not only do we repair and maintain roofs, but we also install skylights.


The paint on your roof wears off after time, leaving the surface underneath exposed to the elements. We’ll come and have a look at your roof and repaint it for you.


A whirlybird is a wind-driven roof ventilator that doesn’t require any power, and aids in significantly cooling your home. Dodge the Queensland heat and get us to install a whirlybird for you.

Insurance Works

Has your roof been damaged by a storm, fire, or burglary? At Brendan Withers Roofing, we take care of all the roofing insurance works, so you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll restore your roof back to the way it was.

Asbestos Removal

Have you noticed the presence of asbestos on your roof? We can safely remove your asbestos roof and replace it with a new Colorbond or zinc roof.

Tile Removal

Are the tiles on your roof no longer functional due to damage? Are they chipping away? At Brendan Withers Roofing, we’ll remove and replace your tiles to ensure your roof is properly protected and functioning to its highest standard.
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Established in 2002, Brendan Withers Roofing is a local, family-owned and operated company.

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